Keiron Target Reactivate Target Speed TC-Ksv1


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The Keiron Reactive Target System Laser Target with single mode operation, the target reacts to every shot placed on the large strike zone, displaying both visual and audible cues. In just seconds, insert a target overlay to change the shape and size of the strike zone, emulating different targets and distances. Receive immediate feedback on trigger control, sight picture and shot placement. Combine with other Keiron targets to create a personal shooting gallery. A rugged design that allows for versatile mounting options. The Keiron laser target delivers a safe, distinct and affordable training solution.

Dry fire training is vital to improve shooting ability. When shooting live ammunition, the recoil pushes the firearm up and back. A person’s automatic response to the recoil is to push back down on the pistol when the shot breaks to counteract the recoil, with this response becoming ingrained and automatic. This natural response leads to poor accuracy, with the shooter anticipating the recoil and moving the firearm during the trigger pull.

This is where dry-fire training using a laser training cartridge or laser equipped training pistol is invaluable. With no muzzle blast, and no recoil causing the firearm to jump around, the shooter can practice the smooth trigger pull while holding the sights on target, and see exactly what is happening to the firearm and sightalignment from the moment the finger is placed on the trigger until the hammer falls. This is simply impossible to do when shooting live ammunition.

Dry Fire training allows the shooter to practice and receive immediate feedback on sight picture and alignment, trigger squeeze, target transition, follow through, stance etc. By dry fire training regularly at home the shooter will build the correct muscle memory response and follow through when live firing, holding the sights steady on the target as the shot breaks.


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